Friday, 24 July 2009

Lilo and root partition encrypted with LUKS on Gentoo

When using full 64-bit system (non-multilib), one has to rely on lilo instead of grub as his bootloader. This seemed like a straightforward migration - which it was, after of course I've discovered that lilo needs one additional parameter to find correct root partition. :)

Therefore if grub was happy with something like this (where ENCRYPTED_ROOT was the encrypted root partition, say hda1):

kernel /kernel-image-2.0.22 ro crypt_root=/dev/ENCRYPTED_ROOT

Lilo line translated into this:

append="ramdisk=8192 crypt_root=/dev/ENCRYPTED_ROOT real_root=/dev/mapper/root"

That is of course assuming use of the awesome genkernel script.

Happy days! ;]

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